The perfect sabotage: How a big star author crushed a rookie

The best place for a perfect sabotage plan to germinate is in an author’s mind, but at times, it can also spring up -- or just aided and abetted – by one of his many stooges. This article is about one such hypothesized scenario, or is it really a hypothesis?

The Why

Why would a star author crush a rookie writer? There could be many reasons; but for our hypothesis let’s apply the Silicon Valley formula – which is to crush a promising startup -- in our case a debut novel -- before it becomes too big; and let’s add the good ol’ fun stuff i.e. insecurity, cowardice, etc.

The How

Being a star author he needs to be smart! He can’t have anything trace back to him, AND, it all needs to be within the inner circle. So what would he do? He would probably find one of his best mates (stooges), who, let’s just say opened a startup in North India. Let’s add a bit more imagination, and put the startup in Gurgaon. Now, Uber is pretty hot so it doesn’t hurt to tag our hypothetical startup around the taxi business as well.

Well, the star author’s best mate (the taxi guy) has a job to do, he has to oblige for a tweet that the star author did when his business started, so now he has to find HIS trusted stooge -- let’s say some techie -- who has negatively opined on the star author before and has a good standing on a book-lovers site, we will assume this is goodreads, and then the same conniving plan can be duplicated at other online platforms.

Now, while this rookie is begging everyone to join goodreads and write an honest review, this techie would merrily start tagging these hard earned reviews as inappropriate/fake, and, he puts in a reminder for himself to write a review with the objective to destroy the book, the rookie and everyone who even remotely likes it. See, the new medium is online, and it’s the best place to build or destroy a brand. Voila, all done! Wash your hands off it and chillax! NOTHING TRACES BACK!

Now repeat the process at other online platforms.

The rookie on the other hand is helpless, he can’t do shit, except to start the cycle of begging for reviews again. He gets frustrated, has no idea why any of this is happening? Depressed and dejected, he goes back to the whiteboard and tries to plot it out:

The question is - Why would some techie take so much excruciating pain in executing a systemic image destruction plan?

The rookie may start by piecing the puzzle together, tracing one step at a time until, he ties it ALL together – The techie to the startup, the startup to the best mate; best mate to the tweet, and the tweet to the star author.


The star author obviously thinks he has won so even if there is something new that the rookie does, let’s say a never-seen-before trailer. Well, would it hurt to postpone the release date of the star’s new book to get the house in order? Absolutely not! The rookie is crushed already. Coffined and buried!

While buried, rookie does one last thing – He writes a blog about this whole experience…


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