Move over, The spunky Grandma is here! Punk Sunk Love Series

For the longest time I wondered what was really a stereotype? Not that I didn't know but I just wanted to reason it; just for the heck of it. So, I did, and the subject of my deep philosophical investigation was Grandma! You could watch movies or read indian books, there ain't a whole lot of shades you could find in a granny - she is always full of wisdom; she cracks jokes that are really just plain statements; she would be a devout bhakt and she likes to just sit in a corner while everyone swarms around her; oh yeah, i forgot, she loves doing the funny dance at sangeet too!

So that was my observation of a boilerplate granny. I knew Mataji, an important character in my book couldn't be this stereotypical. How could she be? I mean where do we get our rebellous streak from? It doesn't weave out of thin air and certainly is not a nurtural skill; to me it's more of a natural skill biologically sewn to our DNA - and in the underbelly of those thoughts Mataji came to life.

If there is one character that has the potential of being etched in the wall of history, I'd definitely bet on Mataji, what with her deer like laugh, ah, how can that not be epic!!

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