Ek parinda tadpa tadpa

The cars on the highway were zipping by. My hands were firm; my legs on the peddle; the warm caffeine swiveled down leaving aromatic eye poppers up in the air. This was it; I could feel the thrill that would come with hitting the gas and so I did through 100 miles before grinding to a halt at Cape May right in time to hop on to a boat - it was time to see dolphins and whales.

The incessant wind had knocked the boat out of its sanity, for the violent leaps of the boat would make even the dolphins furious for they wanted to jump higher; and somewhere away from the turbulence flew a lonely eagle, right in the middle of the ocean.

The gust of wind and me had fostered this love-hate relationship by now. She was unrelenting to blow me off my feat and I was hell bent on writing the last of this lonely parinda.

I present to you - Ek parinda tadpa tadpa

Ek parinda tadpa tadpa

Gasht hawa ki, lehar ka thumka

Ishq ke cheete jo hawa sang laayi thi

bachpan se hi ek -- halki meethi, halki khatti -- si tanhai thi...

fir ek din, tanhai ke par bikhare aise…bharmaya dil jhooma so jaise…

uss din, hawa mein kuch alag baat thi…neeche mashooq samandar ki joshina raftaar thi…

masoom ishq ne pankh samate…mehsoos kiye, ishq ke haseen namkeen cheete…

wohi hawa, wohi nabz, wohi hasi, wohi ishq, wohi khusi…

Par jaise ansh tha uski kaynat ka…Thame pair tal pe ja pehuche

Saans ek pal aur chali, to pankh hile halke halke

uljhani aankh, dhundhali nazar, thami soch

Aur shayad tabhi kabhi dharam dharam karti saans bhi bujh gayi

Parindo ke ek jhund door aasman se gujra to lehron ki kuch lakirein dikhi…

gaur se dekha to parchaiya ek nazm ki thi…

Shabad kuch aise the shayad….ek parinda tadpa tadpa….

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