“Words….so deceptive…so wicked.”


Log line:


An arresting twenty-something journalist trapped in failing ambition and marshy relationships gets a rare chance to resurrect both with a stunning investigative opportunity.

Genre: Romance, Mystery


Publisher: Srishti publishers

Pages: 264


Release Date: December 11th, 2019

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“There are no dragons in reality, but plenty when you decode the shocking ending. Go for this one, you’ll be a fan" - Gurpreet Singh Chinna, Times Now

“Tiwari has a flair for lucid writing that at once captivates the reader. I wish more power to his creativity”

– Ramesh Vinayak, Executive Editor, Hindustan Times, Chandigarh

“Contemporary characters with deep internal conflicts and fractured souls. The book is a provocative read that inspired me to introspect and heal myself" - Abhinav Kashyap, Director Dabangg



After ten long years, a twenty-something Amaan reluctantly comes back to his once-thriving-now-desolate kingdom, Attanooga, to fulfill his mother’s last wish of a hometown funeral.


Saira is a journalist, but her job for the past five years has been the same – a beautiful bait to expose famous people with demented habits. Strangely, her memories of the past come to her like an out of order puzzle – whether it’s of her estranged mother, her one true hate, or the broken heart because of her break-up with Amaan years ago.


Trapped in failing ambition and marshy relationships, Saira gets a rare chance to resurrect both, when she’s chosen to lead a special feature on the life and times of the late queen, Amaan’s mother.

Determined to get her career and life in order at all costs, would her scheming deception end her misery or swallow her into a sinkhole where lines between blood and dreams aren’t to be trusted.


Read on to find what happens when they are caught in The Crossfire of Love.




Log line:


While falling in and out of love, a young devil-may-care man accidentally untwines the causality of love through a murky battle between self-retribution and true redemption.


Genre: Young Adult, Romance, Mystery


Publisher: Srishti publishers


Pages: 240


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"Official Selection" at 2016 IAAC Literary Festival New York

"Good work, good luck and best wishes"

      - Lt. Anurag Thakur ji  BCCI president, Member of Parliament, BJP Youth wing president

"Amazing Story"     

     - Hon. Minister Narottam Mishra ji  Public Relations, Parliamentary Affairs, Water Resources minister of MP

Punk Sunk Love
Punk Sunk Love

A Young adult, Romance Thriller book.

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Two men; two personalities; two slants of love; one destiny.


Roy’s tender heart is on a quest to find the holy grail of mankind – True love. But, the soft echo of feisty Monica’s whispering words - remember; remember; the sixth of September – will change everything, raining mayhem on him and everyone he touches.  


Shammi, a serial monogamist, thinks love is an urban myth – a ridiculous creation of the feeble hearts. As awe-inspiring beautiful Sona brisks through his life, the sublime aura of her love brews a raging battle within him - a battle between his objectivity and his heart.


Smothered by the haunting causality of love, Shammi’s life spirals down a path of retribution against his own demons, and, Roy’s life is sunk in a deluge of inexplicable state of affairs. Facing imminent danger, and running out of options, Roy suddenly finds himself cornered and isolated. Roy’s only glimmer of hope is by helping Shammi pull out of the dark tunnels of his inner demons; transforming his retribution into redemption; healing his agony with hope; and swapping his wretchedness with swagger - the swagger of love.



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